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VOLVO Penta VCS-2 Orange Ready To Use Coolant 5L - VP24383484

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VOLVO Penta VCS-2 Yellow Ready To Use Coolant 5L


Coolants – Keep it Cool!
Engines get hot, VERY hot! They also get cold when not in use or in winter storage. So, it’s imperative your engine is protected.
Coolant, like engine oil is important to keep vital engine parts running and free from damage, the use of coolant in the engine prevents the cooling system from boiling and damaging key parts of the engine, while during the colder months the liquid wont freeze, expanding liquid in an engine means damage!
For these reasons, it’s important to keep your coolant levels correct and regular coolant changes based on manufacturer guidelines.


Definitions –
Pretty Simple – Green or Yellow! Volvo Penta engines run on either green or yellow coolant, we sell it in a Concentrate or Ready Mixed.
The later Volvo Penta engines circa 2017 onwards use Volvo Pentas Yellow VCS coolant.
Both Green and Yellow have the same properties – They are non-corrosive, their use in engines will extend the running life and prevent damage and downtime caused by mineral deposits and increased wear and tear. But its important to ensure you are using the correct coolant.

Mixing Coolant – Don’t!!
They can reactive and congeal, leaving a mud like coating on your coolers.
If changing between green to yellow the coolant should be drained and the engines cooling system flushed with oxalic acid and then demineralised water.

Mix Ratios:
Volvo Penta ready mix coolants are already diluted to a 60/40 - water/coolant.
Recommended mixture Anti-freeze protection
40% concentrated coolant -25°C
50% concentrated coolant -35°C
60% concentrated coolant -46°C

Service life:
Green coolant is 2 years
Yellow VCS coolant is 4 years.
If your not sure what your engine needs, check with your owner’s manual or contact us.
Gear Oil – Keeping this running smoothly!
Marine gear ensures key moving parts of your lower unit are protected from wear and corrosion from water. And keeps the lower units from freezing in winter months.

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Part No VP24383484
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