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CL Classic

Enjoy Exceptional Boating Experience with Unrivaled Performance 

SAL Marine proudly showcases the exceptional range of CL Classic Ribs Boats; these are indulged in the pinnacle of nautical sophistication and unmatched craftsmanship. Get ready to enter a world where enduring elegance and unmatched performance coexist, where every journey is a symphony of sophistication and excitement. CL Classic Ribs Boats offers a variety of boats that reflect the ideal symbiosis between style and performance by fusing timelessly elegant design with cutting-edge technology. 

Get ready to be amazed by the thrilling performance that is about to begin. Highfield boats smoothly glide across the water due to strong engines, precisely constructed hulls, and hydrodynamic advancements, powered by a symphony of power and efficiency. Enjoy the opulence that is waiting for you on one of our CL Classic Ribs Boats. The lavish seating arrangements were carefully planned to enclose you in comfort. Highfield boats offer creative storage options that meet all of your needs. Discover the elegance of the add-ons that let you customise your vessel to your needs. 

Explore the Highfields Range of CL Classic Ribs Boats from SAL Marine 

Classic Design:

CL Classic Ribs Boats honours classic boat designs while giving them a contemporary edge. The boats have a classic look that has stood the test of time, with beautiful lines and precise shapes. Each boat is evidence of the brand's dedication to providing a traditional boating experience. 

Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs):

Highfield RIBs, which are well-known for their adaptability, stability, and superb handling. These boats combine an inflatable tube with a rigid hull to provide the best of both worlds in terms of buoyancy and manoeuvrability. Even in difficult weather, the RIBs offer a comfortable and smooth ride. 

Quality Construction:

Highfield CL Classic Ribs Boats are expertly made, utilising high-quality materials and cutting-edge construction methods. Each boat is constructed to the greatest standards of quality, durability, and performance due to the brand's talented artisans. The outcome is a vessel that radiates class and dependability. 

Performance and Handling:

Highfield ribs are made to provide exceptional performance when sailing. These boats have strong engines and hydrodynamic features that enable them to move at exciting speeds while using a minimum amount of fuel. The boats' responsive handling will improve your boating experience, whether you're taking a coastal cruise or participating in water sports. 


A variety of boating activities are catered to by the Highfield Classic Ribs Boats range. These boats are capable of adapting to every excursion, from leisurely cruising to exhilarating water sports. You can select the boat that best meets your preferences and needs from among the brand's various models with various sizes and layouts. 

Whatever you're looking for in a boat—classic boating, unmatched performance, or timeless elegance— Highfield Classic Ribs Boats are committed to giving you a boat that goes above and beyond. Get ready to set off on exciting travels as you embrace the seamless fusion of traditional style and contemporary innovation that characterises Highfield Classic Ribs Boats. 

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