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New Engines

Boat Motor For Sale - Maintain Every Need of Your Boat

Salmarine boat motors for sale is here for you when you are planning to buy your first new boat or the motor you want when you repower it later. Our Marine-dedicated inboard and outboard boat engine selection are perfectly featured on our website to maintain every need of your boat. Honda Marine, Suzuki Marine, Tohatsu outboards, and Volvo Penta outboards are among the best engines in the market for outboard boat motors & inboard boat motors. Volvo Penta outboard motors, Honda outboard motors, Suzuki outboard motors, and Tohatsu outboard motors for sale are available here. 

Hundreds of inboard boat motors & outboard boat engines are stored in our warehouse for sale. These outboard & inboard boat engines for sale are an easy option due to their endurance and exceptional warranties. We promise the lowest rates and the best service when you browse for inexpensive boat motors for sale at Salmarine. When going for an outboard or inboard engine for sale, it is critical to evaluate the power requirements of your boat—outboard motors for sale range in horsepower from 2 to 350 HP. Keep in mind the weight of the motor and the maximum horsepower advised by your boat's manufacturer.

Please remember that while inboard & outboard boat motors can be ordered directly here, they must be installed by a factory representative. 

Outboard Engines

The outboard boat engine is generally a petrol engine - a four-stroke engine - mounted at the stern of the boat. At SAL Marine Ltd, you can find a wide range of outboard boat motors for sale. They are supplied by the best brands in the industry, like Honda, Suzuki and Tohatsu. Their durability and outstanding warranties make these motors an easy choice. We guarantee you the lowest prices. 

Inboard Boat engines for sale

The inboard engine is a diesel or gasoline engine installed inside the boat in an engine room. We stock more inboard boat engines /motors than any other retailer in the nation. 

We offer discounts on Volvo Penta & Tohatsu. These trusted brands represent the finest inboard engines for sale on the water. Let us take the burden off your shoulders so you can get back to where you should be - The Water..!

Outboard or Inboard Boat Motors - Which is Right for You?

Inboard boat motors are often mounted within the boat, typically at the hull. Inboard motors are sometimes housed in a huge box in the boat's centre. This centre of gravity greatly enhances the drifting experience. Because of their lower centre of gravity, fishing trawlers on the high seas rely on these. Larger vessels, such as yachts, also employ inboard boat engines, but they require larger models that cannot be mounted on the back of the hull.

An outboard motor is rear-mounted on the boat and is controlled by a handle for steering and tilting. Because the propellers can be lifted fully out of the water, transporting and storing them while not in use is simple. Another significant advantage of outboard boat motors is that their position on the boat makes replacing the motor easier than with an inboard. Replacing an inboard is frequently an expensive and time-consuming task. This capability implies that you can easily upgrade to a newer, more powerful outboard boat engine whenever you want.

Now the main question is if both the outboard and inboard boat motors are good in their place, which one is best suited for your boat? Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, which we are listing below to help you make the right decision according to your individual preference - 

Inboard Engine for Sale - Pros 

  • Brilliant Fuel Efficiency
  • Superior torque and power
  • Quiet Operation
  • Great Life Span


Inboard Boat Engines For Sale - Cons

  • It reduces your boat's Interior Space.
  • Expensive
  • Hight Maintenance
  • Complex repairing requirements 


Outboard Boat Motors for Sale - Pros

  • Easily Portable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Space Saver
  • Less Expensive
  • High-Speed Provider


Outboard Boat Engine - Cons

  • Some have low torque and power.
  • Not much quiet.


Remember that choosing the boat motor for your boat is completely your choice. The good news is that you can embark on inboard or outboard adventures with Salmarine. Purchase the motor you need for your boating adventures from here. 

Inboard & Outboard Boat Motors From Leading Brands

A boat engine is the only thing that can make your boat speed through the water with real conviction. If you want to put some power behind your vessel, that's where SAL Marine comes in. Explore a wide range of outboard engines for sale in the UK and an excellent range of inboard boat engines for sale from leading brands such as Volvo Penta Engines, Honda Engines, Suzuki Engines, and Tohatsu Engines. Whatever the size of your vessel and however large or small your demand for horsepower, you are certain to find the inboard engine or outboard boat motors for sale for your boat here at SAL Marine.

Volvo Penta Marine Engines: Outboard & Inboard Boat Motors

If you need Volvo Penta outboard boat motors or looking for inboard boat engines for sale, SAL Marine can point you in the right direction. We have the greatest Volvo Penta outboard motors for sale to get your boat cruising toward the horizon. The right motor allows you to quickly and easily reach the best fishing spots rather than being stranded on the open water.

New Honda Outboard Boat Engines For Sale: 

Honda outboard motors have the power, fuel efficiency, and dependability to improve your boating experience for years to come. Honda outboards for sale come in various horsepower, and our sales team will assist you in matching one of our best Honda outboard motors to your boat.

Suzuki Outboard Motors for Sale:

Suzuki engines have high torque and low fuel economy. Power ranges from 60 to 350 horsepower. We provide the whole line of Suzuki four-stroke inboard boat motors and outboard engines. 

We have Suzuki outboards in stock so that we can serve you right away. If you are seeking brand-new Suzuki outboard engines for sale, please get in touch with us immediately.

Tohatsu Outboard Motors: 

Tohatsu is the most popular brand of outboard marine engines. We keep Tohatsu engines in stock so that we can serve you right away. We provide the whole line of two and four-stroke engines. Complete service kits and propellers are sold with engines. If you are seeking brand-new Tohatsu outboard boat motors for sale, please get in touch with us immediately.

Different Types of Inboard and Outboard Engines

A few different types of outboard boat motors & inboard boat engines can be used in your boating systems. Each boat motor is responsible for different functioning; hence they are used for different water activities. Always research performance and other characteristics, regardless of which boat motor you purchase. 

With our vast dealership with numerous boat engine brands, you can see a huge inventory on our website featuring outboard and inboard engines for sale. Whether you are looking for a direct drive inboard boat engine or V drive inboard boat motor, be sure you can find the best pick from Salmarine. We also stock several 2-stroke outboard boat motors and 4-stroke outboard boat engines.   

At Salmarine, you can find - 

Direct-drive inboard Boat Engines - 

The "direct drive inboard boat engine" system is located near the boat's centre. The engine sends power to a transmission, which allows for forward-neutral-reverse shifting, and then to the prop shaft, which passes through the boat bottom at a 7- to 12-degree angle. Because of this angle, some of the energy from the propeller is always elevating the boat rather than pushing it ahead.


  • Simple and efficient.
  • Little horsepower Consumption.


V- Drive Inboard Boat Motors -

A V-drive inboard boat motor is placed with the flywheel or rear of the engine facing forward. Boats with V- drive boat motor is used in watersport as they are good for wakeboarding, wake surfing, skiing, kneeboarding, etc. 

Two-Stroke Outboard Boat Motors -

A two-stroke engine performs the piston's suction and compression strokes in a single operation. Similarly, the expansion and exhaust strokes occur. The power that propels the engine is produced during the expansion stroke. Suction, compression, expansion, and exhaust occur in two piston strokes; hence the engine's name is a two-stroke engine.


  • Added Power
  • More Robust
  • Less Expensive
  • Lighter
  • Simpler Construction



  • Less Fuel Efficiency
  • Spread Pollution
  • Extra Maintenance


Four-Stroke Outboard Boat Engines -

A four-stroke engine has the same four steps as a two-stroke engine: suction, compression, expansion, and exhaust. However, these four steps are distributed across four piston strokes in a four-stroke outboard. Hence it is called - a four-stroke engine.


  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Silent Operation
  • Durable



  • Heavy Weight
  • High Maintenance
  • You might face issues when you start it.


Buy Outboard Boat Engine & Inboard Boat Motor From SAL Marine Ltd

SAL Marine is an authorised dealer of Tohatsu, Suzuki, Volvo Penta, and Honda Marine, allowing you to choose from a wide range of outboard motors for sale. With over 35 years of sales and servicing experience, we can have you on the lake with a new boat motor in no time. We have the ideal outboard & inboard boat motor for you, whether you enjoy fishing, sailing, or simply being out on the water.

Between all of the Honda outboard boat engines, Suzuki outboard boat engines, and Tohatsu outboard boat engines for sale or any inboard engine for sale from these brands in the UK, we are sure you will find what you need at SAL Marine Ltd.

Get expert advice on outboard boat motors for sale for Honda outboards, Suzuki, Volvo Penta inboards, and Tohatsu outboard motors. Visit us today at SAL Marinefor more details on these special deals. If you have any questions, please call 01590679588 during business hours.

Significant Consideration:

A significant consideration when selecting outboard motors is shaft length. Outboard motor shaft lengths are standardised to fit transoms of 15", 20", and 25". Choosing the correct shaft length for your outboard motors helps ensure maximum performance and fuel economy. Many Tohatsu outboard boat motors, as well as Honda outboard boat engines and others, are available with power trim and tilt, which allows the operator to modify the trim angle on the fly.

Got Your Right Motor - Now Take Care of it. 

Motor maintenance, like trailer and boat maintenance, is priceless. A well-maintained quality motor can last a lifetime. The SAL Marine team is always available to assist you in determining the finest parts for your specific needs. Begin with parts and accessories.

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQ's)

Ans - Best outboard motors for sale are - Suzuki,Honda, and Tohatsu. These innovative outboard boat motors design strive to maximise torque and horsepower while squeezing every ounce of patrol as far as it will go. With build standards being so high and efficient on modern boats, most brands offer the same levels of reliability with their outboard motors,so the real questions is, how good is the warranty? Honda outboard motors for sale offer a 6 year warranty, Suzuki and Tohatsu boat motors offer a 5 year warranty. Also, how long has the inboard boat motor/engines or outboard boat motor model been in the market? They have been in the market for a long time tend to have been unchanged because they have proven themselves to be reliable. Look at the Honda BF225. It’s been out in the market for over 20 years and remains relatively unchanged to date. We have seen this outboard boat motor exceed 9000hours.

Ans - Every outboard boat motor or inboard boat engine will have its own service protocol set by the manufacture and will be found in the owners handbook. Common service intervals are 100rs or annually which ever comes first

Ans - For bigger vessels, inboard boat motors/engine are installed inside the vessel in an engine/motor room. There are Fourmain types of “drive line”. A drive line describes the motor and propulsion system used. Drive line types: Standard – engine/motor, gearbox, propshaft, rudder Aquamatic – Engine/motor, Transom shield, Outdrive or Stern drive. IPS – (Inboard Performance System). Engine/motor, IPS drive. Water jet – Engine/motor, gearbox, Jet drive.

Ans - Outboard boat motors are more compact than inboard boat engine. Thus, they take up less space on a boat, giving passengers more space. Another advantage of outboard boat motor for sale is their minimal weight and ease of maintenance. Visit Salmarine for Outboard boat engines for sale. Its all done to application. What boat do you have? Where will you use it? What performance do you need? SAL Marine can help answer all of these questions and provide you the best options to choose from.

Ans - An outboard engine's average life is approximately 7 to 8 years. They can run smoothly around 1300 -1400 hours if you maintain them properly.

Ans - Out of 2 stroke motor and 4 stroke outboard motors/engine, 4 stroke last longer as they do not rev as high so benefit from reduced cylinder wear.

Ans - We put this question to our customers - The most dependable engine or motors are Honda 4-stroke outboard boat engine with 2 to 250 horsepower. They boast a 6-year manufacturer's warranty, and we often see outboard boat motor’s models with over 2,000 hours before requiring significant maintenance.

Ans - The number of hours a boat motors/engine runs is significantly influenced by the amount and quality of maintenance conducted over time. An inboard boat engine is more likely to endure longer if used daily. An inboard boat motor with 400-500 hours of use in 5 years is likely more reliable than an inboard boat engine with 20 hours of use in 5 years. Leisure diesel engine/motors with a annual use of 200 hour, well maintained will reach 4000 hours before major works are required. Commercial derated equivalents will reach 12-15,000 hours.

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