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RIB Boats For Sale - Rigid Inflatable Boats

Browse all RIB Boats or RIBS for sale we have advertised for our customers on our Salmarine.com. Rigid Inflatable Boats also referred to as RIBS, are a popular form of tenders for yachts and larger boats. Rigid Inflatable (RIB) boats are small, trailerable vessels usually used for on-the-water activities such as a variety of commercial and recreational boating activities.

Our inventory is full of new RIBS for sale UK from Highfield Ribs. Including models,  UL Ultra Light, CL Classic, SP Sport, PA Patrol, and a wide range of similar small boats.

RIBS For Sale UK from Popular Brands 

A Rib Boat is designed to be a high-performance and high capacity alternative to the more common vessels. We have stocked new rib boats for sale from popular brands like Highfield that are constructed of PVC or Hypalon. 

Explore our top products in ribs for sale like HIGHFIELD CL260 PVC - HB037, HIGHFIELD CL260 HYP - HB038, HIGHFIELD UL240 HYP - HB022 at the affordable price range. Our priority is to help you choose the ribs boat that you want. 

Get ribs for sale, Rib Boat for Sale, Ribs for sale UK at our online store salmarine.com in just a single trip. 

Salmarine - Online Store for RIB Boats

RIB boat specialize in offering one of the best selections of new RIB (rigid inflatable boats) and engines in the UK. We take pride in searching, choosing, and geting you, your next rib boat on the water. So, whether you are looking to buy a rib boat for sale for the first time, or are seeking the next craft that’s exactly right for your time afloat, we have got you covered with our wide range of rib boat. 

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  1. HIGHFIELD CL260 HYP - HB038

    As low as £3,355.00
  2. HIGHFIELD CL310 PVC - HB041

    As low as £2,570.00
  3. HIGHFIELD CL340 PVC - HB043

    As low as £3,020.00
  4. HIGHFIELD CL340 HYP - HB044

    As low as £4,810.00
  5. HIGHFIELD CL360 HYP - HB046

    As low as £5,260.00
  6. HIGHFIELD CL380 PVC - HB047

    As low as £3,690.00
  7. HIGHFIELD UL260 PVC - HB023

    As low as £1,680.00
  8. HIGHFIELD UL260 HYP - HB024

    As low as £2,785.00
  9. HIGHFIELD UL340 HYP - HB036

    As low as £4,315.00
  10. HIGHFIELD CL290 PVC - HB039

    As low as £2,235.00
  11. HIGHFIELD CL310 HYP - HB042

    As low as £3,915.00
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