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Boat Trailer - Shop Boat Trailers For Sale

What makes it quick and simple to launch and retrieve your boat, giving you more time to enjoy the water? Buy boat trailers online from SAL Marine that are perfectly galvanized and built with top-quality parts that are designed to reduce maintenance and increase the life of your boat. We are specialized in supplying good quality, UK-manufactured boat trailers for sale, RIBS,  power boats, and fishing boats. Get fully adjustable buy boat trailers for sale, with waterproof bearings, rollers and/or bunks,  and other upgrades.

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The thrill of buying a boat and taking it out to the water with your family for a great spin is extra fun. Keep the fun alive and remove the hassle of launching and retrieving by buying the correct boat trailer for your boat. Our Boat trailers are supplied with bunks or wobble rollers, self-stabilizing carriages and two-speed winches. UK Manufactured, top-quality boat trailers.

SAL Marine's inventory is fully stocked with launchers, personal watercraft (PWC)rollerbunk, inflatable and boat trailer parts and accessories

Types of Boat Trailers for Sale

You have your nice boat, but you are wondering where to put it safely. Storing your boat on a very well-constructed boat trailer is a very viable option. We have a lot of options for you to buy boat trailers online if you are looking for small boats or big boats to get easily and safely transported on properly constructed trailers for sale.  

Here are the different types of boat trailers online for you before you make your selection

Roller - 

At low tide, it's ideal for launching vessels in shallow water, such as rivers or beaches. The weight of the boat is supported by a variety of specially designed rollers and stabilizing carriages that move to fit the shape of your hull correctly.

Bunk -

Bunk trailers are popular and have a straightforward design. Bunk trailers support a boat's keel by using keel rollers and supporting either side and are made up of at least two longboards known as bunks.

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQ's)

Ans - When estimating the length of the boat trailer, the length of the main hull must be used. Measure from transom to bow.

Ans - No, boat trailers are longer to allow for the tow hitch and jockey wheel.

Ans - This depends on your hull shape. If your hull shape will allow, rollers are great for launching and covering but bunks are a fits all type of arrangement.

Ans - Things to look at when you buy a boat trailer online - 

- Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

- Width of the boat trailer.

- Decide if you want single or multiple axles.

- Features, flushing attachment, rachet points.

- Quality, warranty

Shop only from trustworthy websites. If you want to buy a boat trailer online, visit Salmarine today for boat trailers for sale.

Ans - After you've finished boating, properly clean the trailer to prevent rust on boat trailers. Car washes with spray guns are ideal for this. Even if the trailer has been coated to prevent rust, it is still a good idea to repair it after each usage. This will help to limit the possibility of protection deterioration with heavy use. After each use, the best way to achieve this is to wash the trailer.

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