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Here’s a quick overview of some of our services at SAL Marine.

Inboard & Outboard Engine Services

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No matter the configuration or horsepower of your inboard or outboard engine, we offer a trusted maintenance and repair service to keep it in top working condition. Our service includes basic servicing and full annual servicing, oil and filter changes, transmission fluid inspection, water pump replacement, and more. All of our service protocols come straight from the manufacturers’ maintenance schedules, so you can rest assured that your engine is getting the correct treatment. We also winterise inboard and outboard engines to help your vessel withstand the colder months; our winterising service includes flushing the engine with antifreeze, applying fogging oil to inboard engine cylinders and outboard engine air intakes, and ensuring the engine is properly cleaned and lubricated.
Volvo Penta customers can expect to receive a "Volvo Penta Vision" video directly from their engineer. Volvo Penta Vision is a video walk though of your service which may include any advisory items found during the service.
You can book a service using the below button. During the form you will have the opportunity to add extra notes.

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Our qualified and experienced technicians and engineers' source and install high-performance engines, giving due consideration to the speed and operational needs of your vessel, as well as your budget. We can also source and fit the right accessories to suit your vessel and new engine. When repowering, we ensure that the new engine suits the existing structure of your vessel, and we can perform any structural changes needed to make your vessel compatible with the new engine, including the gauge replacement, fuel tank modification, and the replacement of shafts and props.

Most modern engines are now NMEA 2000-compatible, so if you would like your engine connected into your GPS, stereo, or fuel tank, or would like a modern touchscreen display, just ask our technicians for more information.


If your engine is burning oil, hard to start, makes strange sounds, or has lost its top-end speed, our engine reconditioning service will restore it to the condition of a brand-new engine. To be reconditioned, the engine is first stripped down, cleaned and inspected. Then, once all the engine’s components have been thoroughly inspected, every engine part requiring attention is restored or replaced with new parts. To ensure that every engine we recondition performs optimally, we only use quality parts from trusted brands, and all our technicians are fully trained by the world’s leading marine engine manufacturers, guaranteeing a first-class reconditioning service.


Within the first 10 years, it is rare for marine engines to fail due to wear and tear. So if an engine gives out, it is likely due to improper maintenance or a faulty component. With our engine diagnostics and breakdowns service, our experienced technicians and engineers test each component of the engine to identify the cause of the engine failure and can then make any necessary repairs to get your engine up and running again. Not only does this prevent money being wasted on a new engine, but our diagnostics service also helps boat-owners avoid maintenance oversights or errors for the future.

We have invested heavily in our diagnostics equipment and are now equipped with military-grade computers with mobile network coverage. This means we can upload software upgrades and check for quality campaigns while we carry out your service, to ensure nothing is missed.

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