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Kill Cords

Prevent Accidents by Choosing Our Top-Notch Kill Cords 

The usage of a kill cord on boats serves as a safety measure to stop the boat from moving in the event that the driver jumps overboard. It is a lanyard with one end fastened to the boat's engine cut-off switch and the other to the operator's wrist or clothing. The death switch will separate from the cut-off switch if the driver jumps overboard, halting the boat and turning off the engine. SAL Marine offers the most exclusive and authentic range of kill cords at an affordable price. Get the best kill cord for the boat from our online store, as it is a vital safety tool for boat owners which can avert collisions and possibly save lives. It is cheap, simple to use, and mandated by law in many nations. 

Here are some major benefits of using a kill cord on a boat: 


Our Honda kill cord is a crucial piece of equipment that can help avoid drowning catastrophes. The engine will shut off if the driver jumps overboard, stopping the boat's motion and perhaps endangering the driver or other passengers. 

Easy to use:

The engine cut-off switch is usually located near the boat's helm, and it is usually marked with a "stop" or "kill" symbol. The engine cut-off switch is connected to one end of the kill cord, and the driver's wrist or life jacket should be connected to the other. One must verify that the cord is well-fastened and cannot easily come loose. 

Legal Requirement:

Using a kill cord ensures that you are complying with the regulations in your country or region. Failing to comply with the regulations can result in fines or legal action. One of the main benefits of using our kill cord on a boat is that it is often a legal requirement in many countries. It's time to get the best boat engine kill cord from SAL Marine. 


Our Honda outboard kill cords are compatible with most boats and engines, making them a universal safety device that can be used by all boat owners. A kill cord is an all-purpose safety tool that works with the majority of boats and engines. They are often interchangeable between engines and boats and are made to function with the emergency cut-off switch on the engine.   

Overall, using our Honda kill cord is far more advantageous. Your family's safety on the water can greatly benefit from a simple investment like this. 

Choose the Most Compatible Kill Cords with Your Boat 

The kill switch must be the proper length for your boat and compatible with the cut-off switch on your engine to ensure that the driver has enough space to move around the boat while still wearing the kill cord. It's crucial to select the appropriate length. Make sure that our Honda outboard kill cord is compatible with your boat's engine cut-off switch. Our boat engine kill cords are designed to work with most engines, but it's always best to check the manufacturer's specifications. 

The kill rope can stop a vessel from escaping when an operator falls overboard, potentially allowing the operator to be rescued before they become lost or hurt. Choose a kill cord from SAL Marine that is of exceptional quality and can resist the punishing marine climate. Look for kill cords that are durable and fashioned from sturdy materials. Always remember that kill cords can wear out over time, so it's important to replace them regularly. Moreover, keep a spare kill cord on board so you have a backup in case the primary cord fails. To achieve the highest level of safety, take into account the kill cord's length, compatibility, quality, visibility, and replacement needs. We advise you to get our kill cord that is brightly coloured or has reflective material to make it more visible in low-light conditions. 

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQ's)

Ans - A kill cord is a safety device used on boats with an inboard motor. In the event that the driver becomes dislodged, a kill cord, which is a coiled red lanyard with a quick-release mechanism attached to the console, stops the boat. Get the kill cords for boats from SAL Marine, as it helps to prevent accidents caused by an unmanned boat.

Ans - A boat engine kill cord is typically attached to the operator of the boat by attaching one end to a lanyard that the operator wears around their wrist, waist or leg. The other end of the cord is attached to the engine's kill switch, which is typically located near the helm or control panel of the boat. It's important to note that kill cords are a safety feature and should be used at all times.

Buy the best honda suzuki kill cords from our online store. Moreover, the cords should be checked and maintained regularly to ensure they are in good working order.

Ans - Its sole function is to prevent the motor from operating, thereby preventing the propeller from rotating. In the majority of recreational boats, the kill switch is situated close to the ignition and frequently has an engine cutoff link attached to it. The boat will start and run when the switch is in the on position. The kill switch is typically connected to a lanyard that the operator wears around their wrist or waist. Always remember that when the boat is in operation, Honda outboard kill cords are a safety feature and ought to be used at all times.

Ans - Not all boat motors have a kill switch, but it is a common safety feature found on boats that have an inboard or outboard motor. It is essential to note that having a kill switch is a legal requirement in some places, and it is highly recommended by boating safety experts. According to boating laws, anyone operating a boat under 26 feet in length that is on a plane or exceeding hull speed needs a boat kill switch. You must buy the best honda kill cord at the best prices from SAL Marine.

Yes, a kill switch can stop an engine. When the operator is no longer in control of the boat, the lanyard will pull out the key from the kill switch or in other designs. It will activate a switch and shut off the engine, preventing the boat from continuing to move on its own.

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