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Grease & Sealants

Get a Superlative Range of Boat Grease & Sealants 

Every boat owner should try to obtain the best grease and sealants because it enables every component to operate correctly and provide excellent performance. Boat grease has many potential uses in and around the boat, but you'll find it most helpful for maintaining the wheel bearings on your boat trailer. Maintaining the boat trailer is a top priority. However, strong, lightweight bonds to structural elements and watertight sealing between substrates are provided by marine sealants. SAL Marine offers you top-notch boat sealant and grease at an affordable price. 

We provide you with high-quality marine grease lubricants, guaranteeing that your trailer's moving parts are sealed and free of contaminants. Boat grease is essential for safely towing one of your most cherished items, and it even increases the lifespan of the trailer, its bearings, and other moving parts. When selecting a boat sealant, you must be clear on the task you plan to use it for, weigh your options and determine which sealant is best for that particular task. A dizzying array of sealants and outboard motor greases are available at Salmarine.

Find the Best Quality Boat Grease and Sealants at SAL Marine

When choosing boat grease and sealants, you must consider the application and operating circumstances. One must focus on the essential components like benefits and types so that they can choose as per your requirements-

Choose the Right Marine Grease 

Using the right marine grease will give you corrosion resistance benefits in addition to general lubrication. As if a greasy raincoat were to be placed over the key moving parts of your boat and trailer, the thick formula adheres to metal components and protects against moisture.

Here are some major types of boat grease

Lithium Grease- It works particularly well in marine applications for grease compounds. Grease made of lithium can withstand temperatures of up to 250 F. It's a good option for general lubrication on and around the boat. 

Calcium Grease- Although this is another all-purpose grease for boats, we do not advise using it on wheel bearings. It is designed for marine use, but its applications are more constrained to hardware like hinges and runners. 

Lithium Complex Grease- This version of the lithium-based compound has more additives. They increase the temperature efficiency, enabling this type to withstand much higher heat. Some formulations of lithium complex grease can operate up to 350 F. 

Regarding marine outboard grease, the market is flooded with options, as with everything else. This product is primarily used for trailer wheel bearings, which is incredibly helpful. Wheel bearings are just one application, though. There are several potentially viable applications. Select the best boat grease lubricants from Salmarine, as it is used for various purposes, including sealing and retaining lubricated parts.

Choose the Right Boat Sealant

On a boat, marine sealants create an airtight and watertight seal between two or more surfaces. Sealants can reduce vibration and noise while enhancing the boat's appearance, toughness, and longevity. Picking the incorrect sealant can lead to various issues, such as early failure and the inability to release a fitting in an emergency. 

Here are some major types of boat sealants- 

Silicone- Boat sealants made of silicone are great insulators between various materials. When used for specific applications above the water line, these sealants offer superior elasticity and are unaffected by most chemicals.

Polysulphide- A synthetic rubber with good adhesive properties is polysulphide. It is a good bedding compound that adheres to surfaces well and allows for some movement brought on by pressure and temperature changes. It can be painted and works well as an electrical insulator.

Polyurethane- When applied to the proper surface, polyurethane boat sealants produce a very solid mechanical bond. They can be used below the waterline and are UV-resistant. In aviation, windows are occasionally only attached to unpressurised aircraft using an adhesive sealant.

In addition to being waterproof, our boat sealant for deck fittings is flexible, UV and chemical-resistant. It shouldn't be so tenacious that it leaves a residue that prevents other sealants from adhering, nor should it be so strong that the deck hardware cannot be removed if necessary. You can also buy inflatable boat sealant from SAL Marine, designed to add layer protection from the inside and repair leaks and seal porosity in an inflatable boat and rib fabric.

Shop for the Most Authentic Grease and Sealants 

SAL Marine offers you a wide range of sealants and grease for boats. Stress and potential damage are reduced because of the smoother movements that the lubrication produces by grease. Additionally, marine grease prevents premature wear on parts that frequently come into contact with surfaces and the elements.

Moreover, our boat sealants create an airtight or watertight seal. They are made to withstand the marine environment, partly due to their waterproofing. On a boat, only marine-grade sealants should be applied. 

Being inboard & outboard engine specialists, Salmarine provide a complete range of best-in-class boat grease and sealants at an affordable price! 

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