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Fixed Keel

Transport Your Boats Safely and Easily with Fixed Keel Trailers

Fixed keel trailers are trailers designed to transport sailboats with fixed keels. The keel is a fin-like structure attached to the bottom of a sailboat that helps it stay upright in the water and prevents it from being pushed sideways by wind or currents. SAL Marine offers an authentic range of fixed keel trailers as these trailers are designed for boats with keels or Y-hulls, indicating that the centre of the hull has an outboard edge. The entire length of the caravan is covered by a keel roller track (diabolos). We provide the keelboat trailer for sale at our online store.

Our keel boat trailers are an important tool for sailboat owners and sailors who need to transport their boats overland. They provide a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way to transport sailboats to different locations for sailing. With a trailer, the sailboat can be towed by a vehicle, allowing it to be transported to different locations for sailing. Our supreme range of trailers comprises EXT2400 SHRIMPER - EXT2400 SHRIMPER, EXT1500 SHRIMPER - EXT1500 SHRIMPER, EXT750 SHRIMPER - EXT750 SHRIMPER, EXT1300 SHRIMPER - EXT1300 SHRIMPER, EXT1500 SHRIMPER - EXT1500 SHRIMPER etc.

Here are some reasons why fixed keel trailers are important:

Safe Transportation

Fixed keel trailers are intended to maintain the boat's stability and centre during transport, lowering the possibility of swaying or tipping. The keel stabilises the boat by keeping it from rocking from side to side. The weight of the boat is distributed more equally, reducing the risk of damage to both the boat and the trailer. This is crucial when hauling larger boats since uneven weight distribution can put a lot of stress on the caravan.


Our fixed keel sailboat trailers are typically more affordable than hydraulic or cradle trailers, making them a cost-effective option for transporting sailboats. They also require less maintenance than other types of boat trailers. It reduces the danger of damage to the boat during transportation by giving it a safe and solid base. This may help the boat last longer and cost less to fix over time.


They provide access to sailing locations that might be difficult or impossible to reach by water. Sailors can use our keel boat trailers to transport their sailboats to lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water that might be inaccessible by boat. Boats are easily moved and positioned on fixed keel trailers due to their exceptional manoeuvrability.

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We provide a different range of trailers, such as inflatable boat trailers, jet ski trailers, boat bunk trailers and so on. Sailboats of all sizes and forms can be transported using our fixed keel trailers. The trailer is adaptable to the sailboat's precise measurements, making it a flexible choice for many boat types. Sailboats can be loaded and unloaded with ease using our fixed keel trailers. The sailboat may be rolled or winched onto the trailer, which can be placed close to the water's edge. For sailors and watercraft lovers, SAL Marine's fixed keel trailers are useful and vital gear. They offer a safe and reliable platform for the maintenance, storage, and transportation of sailboats with fixed keels.

Our keel boat trailers are made to equally distribute the boat's weight, which lessens the strain on the trailer and promotes security during transport. Also, by doing this, the caravan will handle better and be simpler to tow. When towing, these trailers provide more stability, especially in windy or challenging situations. The keel serves as a counterbalance, assisting in keeping the boat steady throughout transit.

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