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Enjoy an Exciting Boating Experience with Tohatsu Outboard Motors 

Tohatsu has always been a the four front of small outboard designed to supply many manufacturers with the base units for engines up to 10 horsepower.  Tohatsu has made many advancements in the Marine Outboard industry, including the modular 50 horsepower engine exclusive to them. Tohatsu outboards are manufactured in Japan and are known for their reliability and durability. The engine comes in a range of sizes, from 2.5 horsepower up to 250 horsepower, and is best-suitable for a variety of applications, including fishing, pleasure boating, and commercial use. SAL Marine offers the most reliable range of Tohatsu outboard motors at an affordable price. We believe in providing a boating experience that is smarter and more entertaining. Get the Tohatsu outboard engines for sale that are both strong and lightweight.  You can also choose from our Tohatsu outboard parts, such as service kits, Tohatsu spark plugs, impeller kits, fuel tanks, lines and connectors. 

Our Tohatsu outboards are available in both two-stroke and four-stroke models and are designed to be easy to use and maintain. Some stroke models are still available from Tohatsu have commercial user or part of a recognized Yacht racing club.  

5 Most Powerful Reasons to Choose Our Tohatsu Outboard Engine    


Tohatsu outboard engines are known for their reliability and durability, which means you can rely on them to start up and perform well every time you head out on the water. They are built with high-quality materials and are designed to withstand harsh marine environments. Tohatsu has been producing outboard motors for over 60 years and has a reputation for building dependable and durable engines. 

Fuel efficiency

Tohatsu outboards are designed to be fuel-efficient, which can help you save money on fuel costs over time. They are designed to be fuel-efficient. They can help you save money on fuel expenditures and lessen their impact on the environment. Tohatsu makes use of cutting-edge technology, such as its sophisticated EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system, to increase fuel efficiency. This system optimizes fuel supply to the engine for maximum efficiency. 

Low emissions

They are designed to produce low emissions, which makes them a good choice for environmentally conscious boaters who want to reduce their impact on the environment. The high-pressure direct injection technology used on Tohatsu's four-stroke outboards also contributes to emissions reduction by feeding fuel directly into the combustion chamber at high pressure, resulting in more thorough combustion and reduced emissions. Enjoy Tohatsu outboards for sale at our online store. 

Range of sizes

Grab Tohatsu outboard engines as they are available, from small portable models to large, high-performance engines, which means you can choose the right size for your boat and your boating needs. It offers both two-stroke and four-stroke outboards in sizes ranging from 2.5 horsepower to 250 horsepower. These models are also easy to store and transport, which makes them ideal for boaters who need a motor that can be easily moved around. 

Easy to use and maintain

Tohatsu outboards are easy to use and maintain, which means you can spend more time enjoying your time on the water and less time worrying about maintenance and repairs. It has an advanced self-diagnostic system that makes it easy to identify and troubleshoot any issues that may arise with your outboard motor. Get the most authentic Tohatsu outboard engines for sale from SAL Marine. 

Tohatsu Outboard Engines for Sale - SAL Marine 

It's time to choose from our top-notch Tohatsu outboard motors that are designed with easy access to components like the oil filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs, which makes routine maintenance tasks quick and easy. Whether you're a recreational boater, a commercial fisherman, or a professional sailor, Tohatsu outboard motors offer a range of benefits that can help you get the most out of your boating experience. SAL Marine offers Tohatsu outboards that come with a warranty and are backed by a network of dealers and service centres, which means you can get the support you need if you encounter any problems with your motor. They are designed to be low maintenance, with features like their Fuel Water Separator system, which helps protect your boat engine from harmful contaminants. 

Many of Tohatsu's outboard models are lightweight, which makes them easy to install and remove from your boat for maintenance and storage. By offering outboard motors that are straightforward, simple to operate, and of exceptional quality, you can get the best boating experience. Each Tohatsu outboard product that is offered in our online store is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your boat. A wide selection of lightweight, small, and portable Tohatsu outboard motors are available for purchase in the UK. These motors are made with high-grade marine aluminium alloy, which offers the best corrosion resistance, a thermostatically controlled cooling system for stable engine temperature, and other cutting-edge features. 

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQ's)

Ans - Tohatsu provides one of the best standard warranties in the marine industry, making them a popular choice. All 4-stroke Tohatsu outboard engines for sale from 2.5hp to 50hp purchased for domestic use come with a 7-year guarantee as standard. This gives their consumers peace of mind and confidence in their outboards and related products. They provide full aftercare for your Tohatsu outboard motors/engines and products, including regular servicing to guarantee your warranty remains valid and any repairs required over the product's lifetime.

Ans - Tohatsu outboard motors last for almost 1500-2000 hrs or even more if properly maintained.

Ans - Tohatsu and Brunswick Corporation formed Tohatsu Marine Corporation in 1988 to manufacture outboard engine/motors for Mercury Marine. Tohatsu rebrands all Mercury outboards with less than 30 HP. Many small engine/motors all started out life as a Tohatsu. 

Ans - Tohatsu outboard motors are dependable since they are designed and invented after extensive testing. It's no surprise that many customers like Tohatsu outboards. Visit Salmarine for Tohatsu outboards engines for sale.

Ans - While other manufacturers concentrate on producing more horsepower engines or adding more technology, Tohatsu concentrates on producing the most reliable engines up to 50 horse power.

Ans - They cost £500.00 to £1000.00 or more, depending on the hp, features and the model you are looking to buy.

Ans - A two-bottom stroke's end can typically survive 70-80 hours before needing to be rebuilt a Tohatsu 2-stroke outboard.