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Outboard Motor Services - SAL Marine

If your boat or boat parts need to get fixed, you can contact SAL Marine for instant outboard service. SAL Marine has a qualified team of experts who will help you with your outboard motor repair. The team has in-depth knowledge of outboard or inboard boat motors, boat parts, stern tube glands & seals, seawater systems, and chemical accessories like paint, primers, grease, and other fuel treatments that can work best for your boat service. 

Choose an expert and dependable specialized outboard motor service technician who will completely examine every component of your boat engine before repairing your marine engine. Our boat service specialists have dealt with every problem that boat engines frequently experience. Regardless of the type of outboard boat repair service your boat requires, we can complete it quickly for you.

Types of Marine Engine Repair/Outboard Motor Repair Services We Provide - 

With 35+ years of experience in the marine industry, we are here with our top-quality inboard & outboard motor services that will help you make your boat engine/parts/motors reliable season after season.

Our in-board boat mechanics are qualified and certified to service and repair the majority of diesel and gasoline engines. At Salmarine, we specialize in inboard boat motor services. All trailer boats or motor launches must prioritize inboard marine repair as a top priority in their maintenance schedules. We can design a maintenance schedule at Salmarine to keep your yacht safe and working properly.

Marine Commercial Boat Repair Service

Our marine commercial boat repair services are more focused on the fact that commercial boats can't wait for days to get repaired. Thus, we put the repairing schedule on our priority list to ensure we deliver the commercial outboard engine/inboard engine as soon as possible. 

We use proactive maintenance plans based on extensive long-term/high-hour use knowledge to build a service schedule that reduces downtime and saves money by overhauling parts before they fail.

Marine Leisure Boat Repair Service

We provide a dependable maintenance and boat repair service to keep your inboard or outboard engine in good operating condition, regardless of its design or horsepower. We offer basic, comprehensive annual maintenance, oil and filter changes, fluid transmission inspections, water pump replacements, and other services. 

You can be sure your engine is receiving the proper care because our marine leisure service methods are taken directly from the manufacturers' maintenance schedules.

Industrial Service 

The secret to cutting downtime is proactive maintenance. To provide optimal service, we will work with you to develop a portfolio of your engine's history, needs, prior issues, and necessary service levels. You'll be able to prevent the headache of unanticipated failures and extra money with well-planned service and maintenance plans. 

Check our industrial services here.

Why SAL Marine?

If you are looking for quality marine engine repair services, SAL Marine is a destination you can trust - Why? Because of - 

Quality - 

We have been continuously active in the marine industry for more than 35 years and have maintained the highest standards of Quality. You will receive excellent service from professionals who won't let you down, thanks to our team's experience, training, and friendliness.

Convenience - 

With our smart and professional process, you will get our services instantly without having a long downtime. With service contracts, we may schedule dates and service times ahead of time to reduce your workload, or, if you'd rather, we can share the service plan with you and coordinate dates and times together. Contact us to explore your needs and what we can do to help.

We can perform anything from a basic tune-up to an entire engine rebuild.

Trust - 

We have been in this industry for more than 35 years. Since then, we are continuously delivering high-quality goods and services from several brands like Volvo Penta, Honda, Suzuki, Tohatsu, Vetus, and Nanni to our clients. We take pride in the trust that we have achieved in this journey. 

You can rely on us for dependable service for many years to come. 

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