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Police, MOD, Charter, & Fishing

* Testimonial - A superb firm. I have used the company to support a commercial fleet of boats for over 5 years. They are extremely knowledgeable and solve everything quickly. I have been so impressed with SAL over the years I have recommended them to many friends who use them for private boats who also give good reports of SAL - highly recommended*

- Stuart Hedges, Director of Solent & Commercial Rib Charters

When it comes to commercial end customers, we understand that down time is not an option! Every hour your boats are out of action is money lost or lives at risk. That’s why all commercial clients receive maximum priority when it comes to parts and engineers. We move and rearrange our plans to fit yours.
We use proactive maintenance plans based on extensive long term/high hour use knowledge to build a service schedule that not only reduces downtime but saves money by overhauling parts before they fail. We can maximise the life span of your components and engines so you can get on with the task at hand.
We have various callout & service plans and options available so if you want the best support for your fleet, request a call back to find out how we can support you.