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NMEA 2000

NMEA 2000 - Boat Parts & Accessories

Grab a Superlative Range of NMEA 2000 Accessories 

Electronic devices called NMEA 2000 accessories can be added to a maritime vessel's NMEA 2000 network to increase its functionality. A standardised communication protocol called NMEA 2000 is used in maritime electronics to facilitate the seamless connection between equipment made by various vendors. Being an industry leader, SAL Marine tends to provide the most authentic range of NMEA 2000 accessories at the best prices. National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) was established in 1957. The NMEA first concentrated its efforts on enhancing manufacturer-to-manufacturer communication. NMEA created the plug-and-play communications protocols NMEA 1803 and NMEA 2000 to enable devices made by various manufacturers to connect with one another. 

The capabilities of a maritime vessel's network can be increased by using a variety of NMEA 2000 accessories. Some of our top-notch range of accessories includes-  

Starter Kit-

Our authentic range of NMEA 2000 accessories, known as a starter kit, normally comes with everything needed to set up a simple NMEA 2000 network. For people who are unfamiliar with NMEA 2000 and wish to begin setting up a network, starter kits can be a viable solution. The kit usually includes components such as T-connectors, Power cables, Terminators etc. A simple display device, like a small instrument display, can also be included in some beginner packages to provide simple network data monitoring. 

NMEA 2000 Simulator-

Itis a software-based tool that simulates NMEA 2000 data on a computer or other device; it is not a hardware NMEA 2000 component. Without using actual physical devices or vessels, our NMEA 2000 simulators can be helpful for testing and troubleshooting NMEA 2000 networks and devices. NMEA 2000 PGNs (Parameter Group Numbers) are the data formats that NMEA 2000 devices use to transmit data over the network, and NMEA 2000 simulators can offer simulated data for a number of NMEA 2000 PGNs. NMEA 2000 simulators offer a virtual environment for testing, debugging, and learning about NMEA 2000 devices and data, making them a useful tool for anyone working with NMEA 2000 networks. 

GPS Receiver-

An example of an NMEA 2000 accessory is a GPS receiver, which receives signals from GPS satellites and transmits position, time, and velocity information to other NMEA 2000-compatible devices on the network of a marine vessel. GPS receivers can be used for navigation, tracking, and other purposes. They can also be used to determine the position, speed, and direction of the vessel. 

NMEA 2000 Cables-

As they are needed to link devices on an NMEA 2000 network, cables are a vital category of NMEA 2000 accessories. Get the best NMEA 2000 cables from SAL Marine that are available in a variety of lengths and varieties to suit various requirements. They are standardised to ensure compatibility and convenience of use. Our NMEA 2000 cables fall into two main categories: backbone cables and drop cables. To connect a large number of networked devices together, backbone cables are typically employed, which stretch the length of the vessel. NMEA 2000 drop cables are used to connect individual devices to the backbone cable. These cables are normally run from the individual device to the closest T-connector on the backbone cable. 

Shop Now for the Exclusive NMEA 2000 Accessories 

There are numerous additional NMEA 2000 accessories available at SAL Marine, and the variety of choices keeps growing as new technologies are created. NMEA 2000 add-ons can supply a network on a ship with a multitude of data, enhancing performance, efficiency, and safety. NMEA 2000 network onboard makes it considerably simpler to integrate and add new electronics and instruments. 


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