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The Ultimate Choice For Your Boat - Suzuki Outboard Motors   

Suzuki is committed to offering the best marine experience possible as the world's ultimate outboard motor brand, which necessitates a safe and hygienic maritime environment. SAL Marine offers a range of Suzuki outboard motors with horsepower ranges of 2.5 - 350. They are known for their durability, fuel efficiency, and advanced features, such as electronic fuel injection, precision control and lean burn technology.  

With Suzuki outboards, experience the ultimate marine lifestyle. With our technology and dependability, Suzuki outboard engines are the preferred option for customers worldwide. These are dependable in various settings and are always improving and raising the standard. You should shop at SAL Marine as we offer Suzuki outboard Parts & motors, which are made expressly for the demands of marine use. 

Suzuki is a brand known to represent the commitment to working as a team to provide our clients with the highest levels of "satisfaction," starting with development and manufacture and extending to sales and after-sales services. It is your best option when it comes to repowering your boat. Our authentic Suzuki outboard engines are for sale as we have the best features and quality combined so you can relax and just enjoy the trip.  

Reasons to Choose Our Suzuki Outboard Motors  

Suzuki outboard motors are known for their durability and long-lasting performance. One should consider what you need from your outboard engine over the course of the next two years.  

Fuel Efficiency 

Suzuki outboard motors are designed to be fuel-efficient due to advanced technologies such as electronic fuel injection, lean burn control, and multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection. These features optimize fuel delivery and help the engine run more efficiently, which can save you money on fuel costs. The outboard motors are known for their fuel efficiency, making them a popular choice for boaters who want to save money on fuel costs while enjoying their time on the water. 

Advanced Features 

The motors offer a variety of advanced features, depending on the specific model. Some examples include electronic fuel injection (EFI) for efficient fuel consumption and easy starting, Suzuki Lean Burn Control System for improved fuel economy, high energy rotation propellers for better performance and acceleration, selective rotation technology for multi-engine installations, and digital gauges for accurate and convenient monitoring of engine function. Other features of Suzuki outboards include an offset driveshaft, dual propellers, and power trim and tilt.  


The outboard engines made by Suzuki are designed to provide excellent boating performance every day. Your day on the lake will only be remembered for the fun because there will be less vibration and noise. They shift smoothly and decisively, are lightweight, and are simple to love. Moreover, our Suzuki outboard motors also have advanced noise reduction technology that helps to reduce engine noise and vibration, leading to a more comfortable and quiet ride. 


Our Suzuki outboards are known for their high-performance capabilities, with a variety of features that contribute to their power and speed. Depending on the specific model, Suzuki outboard motors may have advanced fuel injection systems that deliver precise amounts of fuel to the engine, resulting in efficient fuel consumption and improved acceleration. SAL Marine has Suzuki outboard engines for sale that have advanced gear case designs that improve hydrodynamic efficiency, leading to better overall performance. 

Range of options 

Suzuki outboards come in a range of horsepower options, from small motors with less than 10 horsepower to large motors with more than 350 horsepower. Suzuki outboard motors are available in both two-stroke and four-stroke models, as well as models that run on gasoline, diesel, or electric power. Some of the different types of outboard motors include- SUZUKI DF20AL OUTBOARD - DF20AL, SUZUKI DF6AL OUTBOARD - DF6AL, SUZUKI DF9.9AS OUTBOARD - DF9.9AS, SUZUKI DF9.9BL OUTBOARD - DF9.9BL, SUZUKI DF20AS OUTBOARD - DF20AS etc.  

Shop for the Reliable and Trusted Outboard Motors 

Suzuki Marine outboard motors are important for a number of reasons, particularly in the context of recreational boating and commercial marine industries. They are popular for their durability and reliability, making them a popular choice for boaters who need a dependable engine that can withstand the rigours of marine environments. Our Suzuki outboard motors are versatile, with a range of models and sizes to fit different types of boats and boating needs, from small recreational craft to large commercial vessels. We also offer Suzuki diesel outboard engines that offer high torque output, which allows for better acceleration and improved performance in heavy load conditions. 

Suzuki's outboard engine is known for its innovative approach to outboard motor design, with features like digital gauges, selective rotation technology, and other advanced technologies that improve performance, reliability, and ease of use. SAL Marine offers a top-notch collection of boat line products that tend to provide premium quality at a great value. The Suzuki outboard motor has minimal emissions and low maintenance costs, which reduces its impact on the environment.

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQ's)

Ans - Suzuki is the leading outboard motor brand in the boating industry because of its power range and features. Suzuki outboard engine for sale manufacture some of the greatest  4-stroke engines/motors by keeping technology, durability, and performance in mind.

Ans - The Suzuki outboards have been working for over a decade to improve Suzuki outboard motors designs hence the Company has become an epitome of invention and design. As a result, Suzuki outboard engines/motors are among the most dependable and powerful on the market today.

Ans - Suzuki outboard engines last for almost 1500 to 2000 hrs or even more if properly maintained. 

Ans - To comply with your warranty, improve the longevity of your outboard, and run at peak performance, you must execute Suzuki outboard 100-hour service every 12 months or 100 hours of use.

Ans - Yes. Please read our full shipping policies before purchasing the product.

Ans - Shipping times vary based on where you live. If we have the engine/motor is stock we aim to dispatch same day if ordered before 14:00.


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