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Boat Parts

Get the High-Quality Boat Parts from Sal Marine 

Boat parts are the various components that make up a boat. These parts can include both structural elements, such as the hull and deck, and mechanical components, like the engine and propeller. Sal Marine offers the most authentic and reliable boat parts and accessories that can cater to the needs of the boaters. They can always decide which boat part to purchase by taking into account each category. Additionally, there are numerous options within each category. For instance, the type of anchor you should buy depends on where you are boating.

Sal Marine is a one-stop shop for finding the appropriate marine parts for your boat. We provide parts for outboard and inboard boat motors from well-known brands. Undoubtedly, quality boat parts are the first step in maintaining a vessel, which will give its owner peace of mind. It's time to find the best boat spares, as we have every component of your boat, from the electrical and hardware to the anchor and battery. They are essential to its overall performance. Overall, buying quality boat spares for sale is a smart investment that can help ensure your boat's safety, durability, performance, and resale value.

Some of Our Major Boat Parts & Accessories


They, also known as sacrificial anodes, are a type of protective device used on boats to prevent corrosion of the hull and other metal parts. They are made of a more reactive metal, such as aluminium or zinc, and are attached to the boat in areas that are prone to corrosion, such as the hull, propeller, and engine. 

We have a wide range of boat anodes, and they release ions that react with the surrounding water to form a protective layer of oxide on the metal surface. This protective layer prevents corrosion of the underlying metal, which helps to extend the life of the boat and its parts.

Bilge pump

It is a mechanical device used on a boat to remove water that tends to accumulate in the bilge, which is known to be the lowest part of the boat's hull. This is usually located in the bilge area and is usually used to pump water out of the boat and prevent it from sinking.

Our bilge pumps are important boat equipment for safety, as they help to prevent the boat from sinking due to water accumulation. It is important to regularly check and maintain the bilge pump to ensure it is in good working order.

Sea water systems

It is a system that pumps seawater from outside the boat and circulates it throughout the vessel for various purposes. Some of the common uses of seawater on a boat include cooling the engine, operating the engine, showering and so on. The components of a seawater system on a boat include a seawater pump, sea strainer, and piping to circulate the seawater throughout the boat. It is one of the boat accessories that one needs to ensure that it is functioning properly to prevent corrosion and other issues.

Control cables 

They are used to transmit mechanical force from the boat's control system to various mechanical components. At the best prices, you can get the boat parts and accessories for sale from Sal Marine. Our exclusive range of control cables is used to operate things like the throttle, shift, and steering on a boat. The outer casing is made of durable, stainless steel or synthetic material to protect the wire or cable from the elements and wear and tear.

Fuel systems and filters

The system on a boat is responsible for storing and delivering fuel to the engine, and it consists of a number of different components. Some of the key components of a boat water filter include fuel tanks, lines and pumps. Buying the boat parts for sale can be extremely beneficial in preventing issues such as fuel leaks and engine damage.

We provide the fuel filter; they are a device that is used to remove contaminants from the fuel as it passes through the system. It is usually located between the fuel tank and the fuel pump. One must check and replace the fuel filter as needed to ensure the fuel being delivered to the engine is clean and free of contaminants.

Stern tube gland and seals

It is known to be the device that is used to seal the opening in the hull of a boat where the propeller shaft passes through. This is one of the important boat accessories propulsion systems, as it helps to prevent water from entering the hull and also helps to lubricate the propeller shaft. The stern tube seals gland is usually lubricated with a special oil or grease to help reduce wear and protect the propeller shaft from corrosion.

It is usually made of a rubber or synthetic polymer material and is used to prevent water from entering the hull through the propeller shaft opening. Get the best boat spares for sale from Sal Marine

Shop Now for Best-In-Class Marine Parts

You can get the best high-quality components to increase the boat's ability to be operated smoothly while also making the operation safer for all parties. Cheap parts are more likely to break and succumb to wear and tear more quickly. You need to spend extra money on boat parts made of authentic materials. If you decide to sell your boat in the future, buyers will be more likely to pay a higher price for a boat that has well-maintained parts.

We offer the boat equipment and parts to extend the lifespan of your vessel because it is only as good as the components that power it. When trying to enjoy a day of boating, no one wants to deal with headaches and hassles caused by cheap parts that eventually break, rust, or simply stop working. We have solid, high-quality boat parts for sale that not only lengthen the lifespan of your yacht but also improve its usability, comfort, and security. Our boat parts and accessories are designed to last longer and withstand the rigours of being on the water. This means they will require less maintenance and fewer replacements over time, saving you money in the long run.


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