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Inboard Service & Maintenance

Service Intervals:

Annual maintenance intervals are typically 100 hours, 200 hours  or 12 months, whichever comes first.

At 400, 800, 1000 hours of operation, there may be additional service measures, such as checking thermostats or cambelts, fuel injectors checks, valve clearnaces, Drive bellow changes etc. 

Supplier Variability:

Different suppliers may have varying maintenance schedules for Inboard engines services.
To ensure correct service, it’s essential to engage a professional who can verify and perform the appropriate maintenance. We run a check using your serial number, engine age and hours on the Volvo Penta data base to make sure you are getting the correct level of service.

SAL Marine’s Advantages:

Specialist Manufacture Diagnostics Tools: SAL Marine uses diagnostic tools specific to manufacturers like Vodia, Techmate Pro, Picoscope. 
Service Histroy:  Is digitaly update on Manufactures data base.
Factory-Trained and Experienced Engineers: Our team has the expertise to handle various Inboard engines.
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Direct Support: We have direct support from Volvo Penta, no middel man, quick accurate answers to your questions and issues. 
Service Videos: You receive videos from your engineer during the service.
Free Health Check: We offer a health check for your Inboard engine.
Volvo Penta Oil Samples:  Oil Sample reports available on request. 
Fully Insured: Your boat is in safe hands.
Warranty: SAL Marine ensures peace of mind for boat owners.

Remember, regular maintenance is crucial to keep your boat running smoothly and enjoy worry-free adventures on the water!

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