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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to check before using my new engine?

We carryout a full PDC ( pre delivery commission) before the engine is posted or collected from our warehouse. This guarantees you get a safe and reliable product. When we post engines out, they are drained of oil, so you will need to fill the engine back up to the correct level. Oil will be supplied in the box but please check the owners manual provided for how to fill your engine and the correct quantity.

Quick reference:

  • Oil
  • Fuel
  • Kill cord

What comes with the engine?

In the box you will have:

Oil (if posted out)
Owners manual
Kill cord
Tool kit
Remote fuel tank and line ( on some models )

Do I need to use the choke?

When starting the engine from cold, you will need to use Choke. Pull the choke out, start the engine, after a few seconds the engine will start to misfire, push the choke back in and you are good to go.

As a rule, if the engine feels warm after use, you do not need to use the choke to start the engine again.

Fuel injection engines do not feature a manual choke.

What is the start up procedure?

  • Kill cord attached
  • Select neutral
  • Make sure fuel is on and vent open
  • Turn throttle to start mark
  • Pull choke out ( if fitted)
  • Gently pull the pull cord until it goes tight
  • Give a long sharp pull on the cord to start the engine ( may require 2-3 pulls)
  • Once started - push the choke back in (if fitted)
  • Turn throttle back down to idle/closed position
  • Ready to go !

Do I need to check the gear oil?

Outboard engines - We check the gear oil before the engine leaves, and this is not drained before being posted out as the gearbox is sealed.

Inboard engines - Yes, They are shipped empty. 

How to I stop the engine ?

Once you have finished with your engine, close the throttle, select neutral, and either pull the kill cord out or push the kill cord button in.

If you are about to transport the engine we suggest, leaving the engine ticking over in neutral, close the fuel vent and the fuel tap and let the engine run itself out of fuel ( it will take circa 5 mins). This uses up the fuel in the engine preventing fuel leaks in your car and the fuel from “going off” or “going stale” in the engine.

What do i need to check before using my Boat/Dinghy?

We carryout a full PDC (pre delivery commission) before the boat/Dinghy is posted or collected from our warehouse. This guarantees you get a safe and reliable product.

We recommend inflating your product and leaving it for 24 hours before use. Occasionally the valves can leak a little air and will require tightening up. In the repair kit provided you will find a small plastic tool designed to do this job. just insert the tool and tight the valve clockwise until tight.

Make sure you have a rope tied to the boat before launching off, we’ve all been there ;-)

If you boat has a drain bung, make sure this is installed before launching off.

What do I need to do before I pack the boat up?

Make sure the boat is drained of all water, clean, and wiped down with a damp cloth. To avoid mold and a damp smell, allow the boat to air out until dry.

What comes in the box?

What you get in the box changes depending on the manufacture, so be sure to check the product listing for whats included. All our boats will come with:

  • A repair kit
  • Owners manual
  • Pump
  • Oars

How do i deflate my boat?

Undo the valve caps, in the center of the valve you will see a small button, push a twist to lock the valve open and allow the air to come out (you will need to close this again before you inflate the boat next time). The pump also has a suction mode to make sure all of the air is out and the boat is fully deflated. This really helps in making sure the boat gets back in the bag.

What should I use to clean my boat/Dinghy?

Fresh soapy water is fine but for best results we recommed:

For tubes, PVC and Hypalon - August race Liquid rib

For the boat - August race boat wash

For Tube projection - August race rib UV

all available from our online store -

What pressure do I inflate the tubes and floor to on an inflatable dinghy?

The valve surrounds on the boat have the pressures specified on them. High pressure floors will have a different pressure rating to the tubes so be sure to check this. The pressures can also be found in the owners hand book and Honwaves come with a handy pressure gauge so you can check the pressure.

How long does the finance application take ?

Monday - Friday 8:30 - 16:00 - thw applications are normally handled in a few hours. If your form is submitted out of hours please expect to hear back on the next working day. 

Will I be credited check on the pre-application form? 

No, we do not credit check you when using the calculator or the pre-application form. The credit check is carried out by Omni Capital once we send you the office finance request form.

Will I get approved? 

If you have a good credit rating and are asking under £5000 you stand a good chance. To help better your chances we suggest offering the biggest deposit you can to reduce your monthly repayment. We cannot guarntee anyones application and SAL Marine has no recourse or right to appeal on the outcome issued by Omni Capital. We are also not given the reason behind any rejected applicaitons.

What happens once I am approved? 

Once approved, you will receive a notfication from Omni Capital (via email) and an order confirmation from us.

We order the items you have requesetd and make ready for collection or book shipping. When ready to collect you will receive a "ready for collection" email. If your items are to be shipped you will recieve a shipping email with a tracking number. Please note - some larger items go by freight so will not have a tracking number - just a delviery date. 

Once the goods have been collected or proof of delviery has been made Omni Captial transfers us the funds. Thats it.

Can I cancel my order? 

You have 14 days to cancel your order from the date of delivery. Please see our Returns policy for more informaiton.

Once the good have been returned to us we inspect them to make sure tehy are compelte and undamaged. We then notify Omni to issue a reversal which will clear yoru finance.

Who is responsible for my Finance and who do I call if I have a problem? 

If you have a product problem you can contact us. 

If you have an issue with your finance Please contact Omni Capital on - 0333 240 8317