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VOLVO PENTA VDS 3 Diesel Engine Oil, 5L - 23909454

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Volvo Penta

VDS-3 diesel engine oil

5 litres.
Engine Oil – The lifeblood of your engine  

Engine oil is essential for the smooth running and longevity of any engine and Marine engines are no exception. Regular Oil changes and level monitoring will keep your engine healthy and increase performance.  


But what do the numbers mean?  
Engines within the marine industry differ based on size, classification and workload. And for this reason, the oils are different too, its important to always have the correct oil type and capacity in your engines to keep them running to their full potential.  

The first number you may find on your oil is 5, 10 or 15. This is the oils viscosity in warmer temperatures. As the engine temperature increases during use the oil will become thicker to increase protection of vital engine parts from becoming damaged.  
W – Put simply, “Winter” – this is like viscosity above but ensures the oil can flow freely during cold weather  
The second number is the oils viscosity during normal working temperatures, the higher the number the more protection for the engine, especially under heavy load.  

VDS – Volvo Drain Specifications  
Engine oil VDS-3 covers even more stringent requirements on piston cleanliness and bore polish compared to VDS-2, ensuring the durability and reliability of the engines. The high quality of VDS-3 oils allows in certain cases an increase in drain intervals. Fits both diesel and gas engines (check operators manual). Viscosity: SAE 15W-40 Grade: VDS-3, API CI-4, ACEA E5 

VDS-4.5 Engine oil VDS-4.5 15W40 is uniquely formulated heavyduty engine oil incorporating proprietary additive technology. It is recommended for use in modern diesel engines under all operating conditions and in all environments. Therefore, it is fully backwards compatible to work with all Volvo Penta engines where VDS-2, VDS-3 or VDS-4 oils were used. It is also recommended for certain gasoline engines, please refer to the operators manual. Viscosity: SAE 15W-40 Grade: VDS-4.5 API CK-4 / CJ-4 / CI-4 Plus / CI-4/ ECF-3 / ACEA E9 / E7 

Petrol engine oil 
Synthetic gasoline engine oil A fully synthetic oil specially developed for high performance gasoline engines. Its wide temperature range capability maximizes engine life. The additive system is designed to provide protection against wear and minimize deposit and sludge build-up. Particularly suitable for all engines equipped with catalyst but is also applicable to non-catalyst engines produced in model year 2008 and later. Viscosity: SAE 5W-40 Grade: ACEA C3, API SN 
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