There are numerous places on your yacht where individual boat parts & accessories can make a difference.

From Anodes, Bilge Pumps, Sea Water systems, control cables, NMEA 2000, Engine controls, Fuel Systems and filters, Stern Tube glands & Seals to chemical accessories like Oils, paints & primers, coolants & descalers, grease & sealants, fuel treatments, valeting & cleaning. Workshop and service accessories all are important boat parts to get your boat working great and looking nice.

Here in this blog, we will share all the boating parts & accessories you'll need to keep your boat looking and working great.

Boat Anodes

If you are a water lover and have a boat, you should understand what anodes are and what they are used for. Consider boat anodes as little shields that keep your boat's engine from corroding. When metals are immersed in water, they corrode over time, and because the majority of an outboard or sterndrive is formed of metal, anodes are critical to the engine's health.

The anodes, being sacrificial metals, emit electrons that corrode while also impacting other elements within the motor. The anode is the first line of defence for a boat's engine against corrosion since corrosion affects the least resistant metal first.