The International Shipping Crisis


A shortage of empty shipping containers in Asia and bottlenecks at the UK's deep sea ports are behind the problems. As a result of the shortage shipping containers from Asia have increased by 800%, meaning that manufactures have stock stuck in Asia that is not cost effective to ship.
In the UK the difficulties in international shipping have coincided with problems faced by businesses trading with the EU after Brexit. All manufactures are experiencing delays in clearing customs. What would normally clear in 24 hours is taking around 4 days.

How does it affect me?

If our Availability reads " in stock" it’s on our shelf and we will dispatch the same day if your order is placed by 15:00. However, our normal 24-48 services are taking 3-4 days.
All other stock status will mean a delay of 2-5 days with your orders.
Most new outboards not in stock will be delivered in June. Some Inboard engines are not available until December. Please check our stock status on your product when ordering.

What are we doing about it?

We are increasing stock, ordering all back/direct orders with "express status" without charging you more, we are upgrading shipping to 24 hours at no extra charge.

When will this is be over?

Its hard to tell but after consulting with our suppliers they expect to see things settle down around April.

Please be patient with us and trust us that ever order is important and will be fulfilled as quickly as possible.

Thanks and stay safe

SAL Marine Team